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Dee Woolridge

   Okalahoma State University - Stillwater OK
   City of San Antonio
   City of Austin -  Parks and Recreation
   Texas A&M University - San Antonio TX
   Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
   North East Independent School District
   FBD Partnership
   CPS Energy 
   Alamo Chapter of the CPCU Society
   Southwest Research Institute
   US Military
   University of South Florida
   Tampa OWLS
   Veterans Hospital - St Petersburg FL
   Various radio shows

Heart Centered Hypnosis

These are the words to describe the Inspirational speaker Dee Woolridge along with simulating, passionate and sincere.  Dee is a specialist in personal empowerment and transformation. She helps people discover who they are and develop into who they want to be. Her interactive, dynamic style gets the audience to feel something, take action and make positive change. She believes that we change our world from the inside out. She connections to the very heart center of you.  As the author of the books Spirit Guide Connection 101- Basics and Exercises for Beginners and Unlimited - Break Free from Beliefs that Block Success and Happiness , Dee gives you tools outside the box to help you transform your life.

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“She put her whole heart into her presentation and I loved every minute of it”
Tammy Banister, Davenport Iowa

"Dee is so inspiring. She makes we feel like I matter. I loved her workshop. The whole weekend was a blast."
Sonia Davis, Lincoln IL

"Wow, I have a whole new perspective on forgiveness and on life in general. I'm ready to let go of the past. I feel so relieved."
Calvin Williams, Tampa FL

Inspiring. Motivational. Transformational.

The Heart Centered Institute

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“My mission is to enlighten, empower, and elevate those I reach through their heart center. When the heart is aligned, everything else falls in order “

Inspirational Speaker, Coach, Author

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