Dee helps you develop into your best self so that you can reach your goals, make good choices, and live a happy, harmonious life. She has been speaking for over 25 years starting with a career in the Navy as a Public Affairs Officer. She has worked with civic organizations on leadership, women's groups on personal development, business groups on goal achievement, and new thought groups on spiritual growth, to name a few. 

Below are some of Dee's most popular speaking topics. She can customize a topic to any group, any size or develop one specifically for your event.


Speaking Topics

her audience.

Dee Woolridge is a specialist in personal empowerment and transformation. Her topics resonate with people in all walks of life. Her saying is "wherever you go, there you are," which means whether you are at work, at home, in a relationship, or with family or friends, the common denominator is you. 

The Caring Giver - Caring for you so you can care of others

Dee has been a caregiver for 26 years to a now young adult with special needs and to her elderly mother. She’s also overcome her own challenges with breast cancer. So she has intimate knowledge of what it’s like to be the caregiver and the cared for. Dee designed a presentation that speaks directly to caregivers giving them hope, comfort and a means to build strength. The purpose is to help them recharge and rejuvenate so that they can continue their excellent care by caring for themselves first.

From Victim to Victorious – How to regain your personal power
In this presentation, Dee talks with the audience about their illnesses, challenges, abuse, setbacks and obstacles. As a post breast cancer thriver, mother of a young adult with autism and the ninth child of 13 siblings raised by a single mom, she knows about overcoming adversity. She gives you steps on how to move from a life of victim consciousness to a happier more empowered life no matter your circumstances.

The Radical Power of Forgiveness
The audience is shown two models of forgiveness, traditional and new thought. They are brought to understand how each model works and within the learning of the two models is the transformation of the self. She illustrates that even when you don’t know how to forgive, your "willingness" is the start of a new life of relief, peace and love.

Other titles and topics. Great for workshops and seminars.
Titles and topics from Dee's speaking library

Five crucial steps for successful goal accomplishment
No matter if your goal is to get your degree, to lose weight, to have a harmonious relationship or make more sales revenue, Dee has the system to help you reach that goal. Using the complete, all-inclusive model called VIPER, she takes you through a strategic goal setting plan from goal setting to goal accomplishment. 

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them to take action.

Defusing Mental Landmines 

This presentation talks about change, and the way one may self- sabotage because of fear, old habits and negative mind chatter.  It helps one identify the landmines in your path and how to defuse them or navigate through. Written specifically for veterans but can easily be adapted to most any group.

Unlimited – Clear limiting beliefs that block happiness and success
This speaking topic is perfect for a seminar or workshop in personal development, business development or spiritual development. The interactive presentation is based on Dee’s book of the same name. It leads the audience through exercises to uncover their core beliefs that block them from reaching their goals. She takes you through three case scenarios and then gives you tools and steps to clear the blocks and move forward to the life you deserve.

Here is a partial list of organizations I've spoken for.

  • A Personal Guide to Building Resiliency and Coping with Change
  • Relaxation Techniques at the Workplace
  • Managing Work Place Stressors
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • The Impact of Gratitude on the Mind and Body
  • Thrive Instead of Survive - Flourishing Through Breast Cancer.
  • Managing Your Emotions - Keeping Anger at Bay
  • Untapped Talent - Taking Inventory of Your Potential Skills
  • Communication Skills for Working Effectively

their lives.


   Okalahoma State University - Stillwater OK

   City of San Antonio

   City of Austin -  Parks and Recreation

   Texas A&M University - San Antonio TX

   Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

   North East Independent School District

   FBD Partnership

   CPS Energy 

   Alamo Chapter of the CPCU Society

   Southwest Research Institute

   US Military

   University of South Florida

   Tampa OWLS

   Veterans Hospital - St Petersburg FL

  Various radio shows



Living out loud (LOL) - The ultimate you
This program is designed to start you on the path to becoming better in all life categories including: spirituality, mental and emotional health, physical health, career and finances, relationships, free time and recreation, education, housing, vacation and travel.  It helps you prioritize what is before you on your path and guides you to become your best. Dee will introduce you to tools that help develop the empowered you. It will help you define your life’s mission, create balance, manage your time and live your life out loud.